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We can handle first class, standard, non-profit and carrier-route presort bulk mailings with inserting and sealing services. Marrakech Express Printing is your printer and one stop mailer!

The mailing lists that you supply must be set up per the following standard parameters.

Mailing File Specs:

Your files must be saved as text only in either tab delimited or comma delimited.

All records in the file must contain the same number of fields.

This means that if your list has fields for name, address, city, state, and zip, all the records must have an equal number of delimited fields; even if there is no data in a particular field, a blank field must be output. You can have as many fields as you like.

The first record should list the name of your fields. In the example below, the 1st records reads "First, Last, Company, Street Address, City, State, Zip". This is the record we test and set up your file with.










Marrakech Express Inc

720 Wesley Ave

Tarpon Springs







Any Town



When output in text only in for example, tab delimited format, the file should look like this for the example records from the table above:


John<tab>Doe<tab>Marrakech Express Inc<tab>720 Wesley Ave<tab>Tarpon Springs<tab>Fl<tab>34689

Jane<tab>Doe<tab><tab>Anywhere<tab>Any Town<tab>ST<tab>000000

Notice that although Jane’s record has no data in the field for company name, since at least one record in the file does, a blank field followed by a tab must be present. When our USPS CASS certified mail program imports a large number of names and addresses, it does so by taking data from the same field in every record and placing it into the corresponding field in our mailing database. If data is placed inconsistently, i.e. an address placed in the city field, the mailing program will not mail that record.

Fields must be consistent, i.e. states should be typed in the same format. If one record has ‘FL’ for Florida in the state field and another has ‘F.L.’ or even ‘Florida’, this will not work.

Send us a test file if you are unsure about how your file is set up before we go to press, so time is not lost trying to set this straight at the end.

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