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To entice you and ensure you of our quality and services, we bring you a few of many thankful notes from our satisfied customers:

"The magazine looks great. Again thanks for all the help getting this project together."
Norm Winston
UCLA Berkeley California

"Thanks again for a great job!"
Sylvie & Vid
Sandbox Magazine, New York N.Y

"Just to let you guys know we found all the printing in good order here at the hotel when we arrived for our show"
Martin Glaser Intec Corp. New York

"It looks ALWAYS"
The zine babysue,  Atlanta Ga

"The books looks great, you guys did a great job on getting them to us in time after all the corrections we threw at you at the last minute."
Karen McGuire University of Chicago Ill.

"After all of your special efforts, the cover is most attractive and I like the very fine work you did on the delicate shading... Thank you for all of your support, your excellent cooperation in getting 40 copies to me prior to our departure for Europe."
LeRoy Zemke
Temple of the Living God
St. Petersburg FL

"Our new catalog is the best looking yet. Colors are great and the pictures really stand out with the UV finish".
John Barns  
Epicure, Kansas City MO

"The book looks great!...I will definitely continue to refer people to you. Thank you."
Lisa Dunlop
DBLM Publications,
Tampa FL.

"I wish to thank you for your personal attention, professionalism, and excellent printing of Funeral Party, the New York University Horror Society's magazine."
Michael Rorro Pres.
New York University
Horror Society
New York N.Y

"I wanted to mention again that we are very pleased with the magazine and the job Marrakech has done. "
David Serrins, Pres.
Unbroken Chain, Inc
Austin. TX

"Thank you & the crew there for the fine work."                 

Dan Wilcox
The Alternative Press
Albany N.Y

"I appreciate the fine job you have done for us in the past year and we look forward to working with you in the future. Many Thanks!"
Thomas J. Brown Dir
Borderland Magazine

"Thanks for the fast job and good quality!"
Don Kulak
Soundtrack Magazine
Ringwood NJ

"Thank you so much for your patience and help with the printing of our National Directory. It turned out beautifully and we couldn't be happier."
Kevin Berg Promotional Manager
Rising Star Records Inc
Atlanta. GA

"Exceptional job as always."
Adele Patti
The Front Room Publishers
Clifton N.J

"Thanks for the good work".
Steve Hirsh
Heaven Bone Magazine
Chester N.Y

"We continue to receive rave reviews for the new format and the printing quality of Mezlim--even from our old printer, who may be sending you some business as well."
Kenneth Deigh
Mezlim Magazine
Cincinnati OH

We have many more references on file if you need further persuasion for using Marrakech Express for your next printing.
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