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Here are some useful tips and information on how to set up your files for trouble free output. Please contact us if you need any further help. We look forward to working with you on your next publication.

What is line screen, lpi, and dpi - how are they related? Line screen (lpi) is the space between the rows of dots (making up a "line"). The higher the line screen the more your screens and halftones will resemble continuous tone. Remember that LPI is different than, but related to DPI (dots-per-inch). Typically 1,800 dpi is satisfactory for line screens up to 150 lpi. 

Job Components

1)- Your document should be created with a current version of page layout software.

2)- A printout or hard copy of each page we are imaging from disk.

3)- Label all submitted materials with item identifier (include your company name and phone number). 

4) All transparencies, reflective art, or logos included?
-If we are doing any scanning please make sure to include clean, readable art. It is best not to send second generation copies or screened materials.

5)- Extend all bleeds 1/8 - 1/4" outside the trim size. 

6)- All graphics must be supplied in either tiff or eps file format only. 

7)- All 4 color picture graphics must be in CYMK.

3) Is file on suitable electronic media?
Provide "clean" disks - disks with no extraneous files and free of disk errors. If you experience any problems with the disks you are preparing to send - do not use them. If your media does not work consistently there is a good chance we will not be able to read it either.


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